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Welcome to ELA!
7th and 8th Grade

Welcome back! I hope you had a restful summer and you are as ready and eager to begin the rigorous new year in English class as I am!
This year we will focus on close reading, creating evidence-based claims and arguments, conducting research, practicing self-reflection, and honing your reading skills, vocabulary skills, and critical thinking skills.
Things you can expect in this classroom: mutual respect, meaningful and relevant instruction and learning, high standards and expectations, and a commitment to each individual’s success.
Each and every one of us will do our part to create a positive learning environment where optimal learning and engagement can be achieved. It is imperative that we all play an active role in preserving the standards and expectations of this classroom and of Brentwood North Middle School so that we may excel not only here, but in the future as well.


Be respectful-

  • Maintain a respectful and positive attitude towards the teacher and your classmates.
  • Don’t leave your seat unless you are given permission. Class is dismissed by the teacher. The warning bell does not mean pack up.
  • Electronic devices are to be turned off upon entering the classroom. Texting, phone calls, social media, and gaming will not be permitted.
  • Passes will not be given during the first or last 10 minutes of class. Do not ask for permission to leave the room during a lesson. Passes must be filled out entirely by student in agenda and signed by the teacher. Emergency cases TBD.  

Be prepared-

  • Come into class on time and with all necessary materials each day. This includes any homework given as well as class materials. Coming to class unprepared will negatively effect your class participation grade. 3 missing homeworks will result in after school or lunch detention.
  • Being on time means in your seat, copying homework into your agenda and working on the DO NOW at the sound of the bell. 3 lates without a pass will result in after school or lunch detention.

 Be responsible-

  • Prioritize and organize your work.
  • Manage your time and effort.  
  • Complete assignments with your best effort, producing the highest quality work of which you are capable.
  • Obtain all missed work/assignments in the event you are absent.
  • Communicate the things you may need help with.
  • You are always responsible for how you act…no matter how you feel…remember that!


  • Come to class ready to learn each day.
  • Ask questions.
  • Come to extra help.
  • Challenge yourself and your thinking!
  • Be a resource to others and lend a helping hand!
  • Go out of your way to be a positive influence on someone else.

Tests/Quizzes- 25%
Papers/Projects- 25%
Classwork- 20%
Homework- 15%

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