Expectation Letter

Ms. Seeberger – Health


Welcome back! My name is Ms. Seeberger and I will be your child`s health teacher. In order for us to have a successful school year, there are certain guidelines that your child must follow. Below, I have outlined the classroom rules and procedures, including some of the topics that will be covered throughout the year. The purpose of this course is to allow your child to gain the knowledge and skills that will help them develop their decision-making skills in preventing risk behaviors. After reading through the outline, your child will completely understand all of the expectations I have for them and will be fully aware of what they need to do to make health class a positive learning experience.


Classroom Materials/ Supply List:

  • Binder with a Health Section/Divider
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Agenda Book
  • Crayons/Markers

Classroom Rules:

  • Be responsible (prepared for class)
  • Be respectful
  • Participation is key
  • Always try your best

Classroom Procedures:

  • Walk in the to the classroom in a calm and orderly fashion
  • Sit in your assigned seat before the bell rings
  • Complete the “Do Now”
  • Write down your homework in your agenda books
  • Take out previous night`s homework
  • Raise hand to ask/answer questions
  • Stay in your seat until you are dismissed


  • The areas of health are; “What is Health, Mental and Emotional Health, Decision Making Skills, Personal Health/Safety, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, Bullying, Growth and Development, and Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases”.  Also, we will be discussing the results of sexual behaviors such as Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS.



  • 40% Tests
  • 30% Notebook
  • 20% Projects
  • 10% Classroom Participation

When Class Rules Are Broken:

  • First Time: Warning
  • Second Time: Consequence (Phone Call Home/ Zero for the Day/ Detention (Lunch or After School)
  • Third Time: Written Up (Administrative Consequence)

*The teacher reserves the right to treat extreme situations as she sees fit*


All the students should feel free to ask ANY question that they may have during class time or after class if they wish. Also, all students are encouraged to share their opinions, viewpoints and ideas. Any Parent/Guardian`s that may have any questions or concerns about Health class, please contact me at morgan.seeberger@bufsd.org or call the school that your child attends. I want to work closely with you, as I believe the home and school are important in educating students about health.



--------------------------------- CUT HERE -------------------------------------


I have read the guidelines for Health class. I understand that I am responsible for the assigned work. I will request help when necessary. I have shared these guidelines with my parents or guardians.


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