Mr. Sonkin's Class

Hello and welcome to Mr. Sonkin's class for the 2019-2020 school year.  

Please check this page periodically for important events that are coming up at North Middle.

Below you'll find the class expectation letter.  You can call me at school at 631-434-2356, email me at, or you can register on the REMIND app using the code that was sent home the first week of school.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to North Middle School!  My Name is Mr. Sonkin, and I will be your child’s Social Studies, Math and ELA teacher this school year.  My teaching partner is Mrs. Boyle, and she will be responsible for teaching science to your child. 

I hope we can all work together to create a memorable and educational experience for your child while they attend North Middle.  I would like to share some quick thoughts with you about our curriculum, some classroom policies and some very important supplies that your child will need.


The 6th grade Social Studies curriculum is very exciting.  We begin by reviewing some basic concepts (geography, map skills), and then we begin exploring ancient civilizations, such as Egypt, Greece, Rome and China, as well as Medieval Times.  We also do several projects throughout the year.


Reading comprehension (the ability to read a passage and answer questions about it), and writing are two topics that I specifically focus on during the year.  We can never do enough of these things, and I believe that if your child is completely focused during our ELA time, you will see major improvements in those areas.   Reading at home is a big help as well, so if it’s not a part of the routine, perhaps there’s a way to incorporate that.  Reading as little as 15 minutes per night can help improve a child’s reading ability throughout the course of the school year. Weekly writing through the Collins Writing Process are a big part of our curriculum, and I know you’ll see some great improvement in your child’s writing this year.


Math is a tricky subject in 6th grade.  There are many topics to cover, and not a lot of time to spend on each one.  Completing HW assignments in all subjects are important, but it may be most important to your child’s success in math.  Knowledge of times tables and fractions will help your child keep up with the quick pace of our math curriculum.  Please be mindful of your child’s test/quiz grades for math, and be sure to encourage them to ask questions as well as ask for extra help on any topics they are struggling with. 

My classroom procedures are simple, and I like to refer to them as “The Three B’s”.

  • BE ON TIME!After the 3rd lateness to class, a note will be sent home and your child will be expected to attend lunch detention.Anything more than that will lead to a parent-teacher conference.
  • BE PREPARED!There are 3 things your child should have with them every day: their supplies for that period (textbook, notebook, agenda book, folder), pen or pencil and their homework.Homework is usually not given on Friday’s, although it does happen once in a while.
  • BE RESPECTFUL!Listen when others speak, and raise your hand if wish to be heard.All students have a voice in my class, but they must be courteous and respectful to their classmates at all times.Excessive talking or interrupting others will result in a lunch or after school detention.


My grading policy is very straightforward.  All tests and quizzes are graded out of 100%, and all projects count as a double grade.  Extra credit assignments are not assigned, but students can help themselves by attending either lunch extra help or after school extra help.  Extra help is offered during the day, during your child’s lunch periods. 


My homework policy is as follows:  the value of the homework assignments increase as the year goes on.  For example, in the 1st quarter, all homework assignments are worth 1 point.  In the 2nd quarter, they are worth 2 points, and so on.  By the end of the year, all homework assignments are worth 4 points.  Homework is an important aspect of the school day throughout the year.  When possible, please be active with your child’s homework—ask to see their agenda book, look over their homework and ask them questions so they can explain what the assignment was.

If you have any questions regarding this letter, or anything else that involves school, homework, etc., there are 3 ways to contact me.  You can call the school at 631-434-2356, email me at, or utilize the REMIND app.  Simply text @ge96ae to the phone number 81010.  Once you do that, you're all set up.

Thank You!


Mr. Sonkin


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