Mrs. Barsch

Hello! Welcome to 6th Grade!
Mrs. Barsch

Dear Parent or Guardian,

 Welcome, or welcome back to North Middle School. If you are not familiar with our school wide policies and procedures, you can review them in your child’s Agenda book.

 If this is the first time you are hearing of the Agenda, please ask your child to show it to you after the first day of school. The Agenda is an extremely valuable tool in your child’s academic success. It will be used as a device for communication between home and school. It must be brought to and from school each day to keep track of all assignments given by the student’s teachers.

 The agenda will be kept with your child in each class and go home EVERY night.  It is a requirement in my class that the agenda is signed each evening, so that you are aware of all assignments and notes that go home.  We use a colored system for each of the subjects to help organize your child.   Red: ELA, Yellow: social studies, Green: science, Blue: Math.

The following list includes my expectations for the coming year. Please review them with your child.

 1. Homework is given every night. The amount depends on what we are studying in class. Completing assignments, reviewing the day’s work, studying for tests, and working on reports or projects can all be part of homework. Assignments not handed in during the class when they are due will not receive credit. Every child starts each subject with a 100% homework average, and five points will be deducted for each missing assignment.  All work for absences must be made up. If you know your child will be out, please call the guidance department at 434-2361 to arrange work to be sent home.

2.  If your child is having difficulty with any assignment, lunch time help can be scheduled by speaking with his or her teacher.

3. All test papers are signed and checked the next day. This is a homework grade and will be counted as such

4. When class work is completed, students should read quietly. Students must carry reading material with them to each class.

5. Students will come to class on time, prepared with textbook, notebook, Agenda, homework, supplies, and a book to read.

6. Rubrics will be used for all wring assignments for grading.  Parent/student/teacher contracts will be used for all projects and oral presentations throughout the year.

My classroom is a collaborative environments.  Specifically your child will be sitting in groups with his or her peers and will discuss, collaborate, and communicate with each other in each class.

 If your child does not come prepared to class, it makes it very difficult to participate in class and retain the information necessary to be successful in school.

 I use a checklist system for classroom management. Students who do not meet behavioral expectations will receive a check mark for each incident. The following system will be enforced.  A new list will be started each week.

 # OF CHECKS                                                                   RESULTS

0-2                                                                                          “Free Friday”

3-5                                                                                          Not included in the events of “Free Friday”

6-8                                                                                          Note home from the teacher

9-11                                                                                       Parents must come to school for a conference

12+                                                                                         Meeting with administration

 Free Friday is one period per week where the students who have earned the ability can relax and enjoy themselves in the classroom.  They can play board games, cards, do homework, read, receive extra help, work on the computer, or any other quiet activity they choose to work on.  Students begin each week with a “clean slate.”

 Together we can make this year a successful and rewarding experience for everyone.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me by note in the Agenda book, or by calling 434-2356. Many parents find emailing an easier form of communication and I invite you to email me whenever you have a question or concern.  My email address is:  I request that you give me an email address also, so that I can easily contact you.  Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.



 Mrs.  Barsch

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