Mr. Roddin - Grade 8 Social Studies


Welcome!  I am looking forward to a fun and positive year that will create an atmosphere for success.  You will be studying American and World History, Geography, Economics, the structure of our Government and its Citizenship, and the impact of these topics today.  You will also be developing your reading, writing, and analytical skills.

Expectations and Requirements for Success

  1. BE PREPARED.  You are the only one who can be ready at the start of the bell.  Everyday, you must have something to write with, your binder, and your agenda.  Lateness to class will NOT be tolerated.

  2. EFFORT.  Do the best you can do.  Remember the school motto, I can, yo puedo!

  3. ORGANIZATION.  Make sure all assignments are in the agenda book and your binder is kept neat.

  4. REVIEW.  Complete all homework and review the day’s class work.

  5. ATTITUDE.  School is a place to explore knowledge and make friends.  There is no room for foul language, teasing, or fighting.

 Consequences of Negative Behavior

  1. Warning

  2. Warning

  3. Phone Call/Email Home and Detention

  4. Detention

  5. Referral to the Student Management Office

Rewards for Positive Behavior

Acting appropriately and helping in school reflects good citizenship.

Grading Policy

Homework                  20%

Class work                  20%

Quizzes/Projects          20%

Tests                          40%           


Work is expected to be neat, complete, and on time.  Work that cannot be read will receive a zero.  Work missing simple grammar such as missing capitals or periods will be penalized.  Missing assignments may be handed in late but will not receive full credit.


Homework will be given everyday except Friday and must be handed in everyday.  Missing homework may be handed late but will be penalized.

Consequences of No Homework

  1. Warning

  2. Warning

  3. Phone Call/Email Home and Detention

  4. Detention

Extra Help

Any student that is having difficulty only needs to ASK and I will gladly help them.  Extra help is also always given the day before a test. 


Parents are the most important people in a child’s life.  I look forward to seeing you at parent conferences in October and November.  If you have any questions or want to find out how your child is doing, please call me at 631-434-2356.  As technology is becoming an increasingly integrated part of our lives, you can also email me at


Mr. R. Roddin


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